Platinum Legacy Donors of the Institute

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, Larkspur, CA

Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery
  • Dr. Jacqueline Chan, DO
  • Dr. Roberta Ekholm RN, DO
  • Janine Thill, EMT, CHT
  • Zachary Thill, CHT
  • Denora Alviso, HT
  • Richard Thill, HT
  • Doug Izuno, RN, CHT
  • Diane Greenberg, RRT, CHT
  • Jeanne Cahn, EMT, CHT
  • Aimee Wells, HT, PR
  • Claudia Gonzales, MA, HT
  • Loren Dias, IT
In this economy, so many families and individual patients are suffering due to the inability to afford treatment-- even if it could save their life. We are bridging that gap by educating charitable foundations, organizations and individuals and encouraging them to donate NOW to save a life. We believe passionately in being active participants in the communities in which we serve. We provide support to educational organizations and groups that provide leadership service in our community, and work to alleviate suffering and promote healing. Unfortunately the patients who need it the most are severely disabled and those on SSI who cannot afford it. We have provided treatment to many people in need at cost and below cost and strive to help others in the future. Since our opening, our center has contributed over $125,000 to patients to receive treatment.

Silver Legacy Donors of the Institute

Ground Hog Construction

Ground Hog Construction Your Underground Specialist since 1996. General engineering contractor with 25+ years experience, getting the job done right the first time! Ground Hog Construction is your local choice for Sonoma/Marin Counties for excavating, pipeline, water, sewer, etc. Residential and commercial, has great relationships with Federal, State, County, City and local inspectors. Cal Class A Lic# 723766

Legacy Donors of the Institute

  • The Swartz Foundation

Sponsors of the Institute

  • SusanSusan Swartz inherited her artistic gene from a family of artists and musicians. Since 1998, after raising her family, she has painted full-time from studios in Park City and Martha’s Vineyard.For years, Susan and her family have enjoyed a relationship with nature. She feels that raising children has allowed her to see this beautiful world through their eyes and has inspired to capture it on canvas.Susan has established herself as an international artist; her pieces are displayed in private and corporate collections around the world."This Clinic saved my life and changed the way I see the world." I used to paint to praise God for all the blessings in my life. Today I paint as if my life depends on it. And it does. I am on my knees every day. Trying to make sense of why God has given me a gift of capturing the divine beauty of nature, and what God meant to teach me about the natural world when my health was robbed by mercury, poisoning, Lyme Disease and heavy metals. I have been sick for ten years. My hair has thinned out, my gums had eroded, my knees were swollen and my hands and entire body ached. Doctors thought I was depressed and arthritic. My family indulged my symptoms but grew weary of my complaints. There were days when all I could do was lie on the floor, looking up at a blank canvas begging God for the strength to paint. For two years, often weeks at a time this clinic was my monastery. I would come to the chamber, with books or music, close my eyes and paint my prayers of healing. It was a time of foggy memories, chronic pain and a leap into the unknown. I had to learn to trust my body and alternative ways of looking at health. I changed the way I eat and learned first hand the connections between the environmental pollutants and the impact they have on disease. Clean water, four seasons, fresh air, trees that give us oxygen and remind us to breathe. This is what I paint, and this is what our future depends on. While I will never be able to fully thank Janine for all she has taught me, I hope my paintings are one small way that I can inspire those of you who are beginning your own journey towards health and healing. It is a long and often lonely road, but there are people like Janine who walk along side you and give you a place to recover and reclaim your faith and healing. For those gifts and the time she invested in me as a patient and a friend -- I will be forever grateful.”
  • PeggyPeggy Keon, retired, mother of six, grandmother of nine, philanthropist, interested in making the world better for women and children, sponsor international policy work to protect women and children. Enjoy travel, primarily to the south of France where she spends her summers, also to London where she has a daughter and three grandchildren, and to Philadelphia where she has a daughter and three grandchildren. Peggy formerly had her own career consulting firm, but now devotes her time to family and philanthropy. She dabbles in watercolor, enjoys art and music, especially the SF Symphony, and enjoys walking in our beautiful surroundings, often with her little Chihuahua.

Friends of the Center

  • Dias Construction
  • Palmer & Angela Ford
  • Jim & Julie McGrath
  • Geri & Jaime De la Torre
  • Toni & Kristie Grover
  • Steven & Brandon Ford
  • Tom Schmeltz
  • Dana & Gail Wofford
  • Pat & Judy Stites
  • Lloyd & Karen Thill
  • Abel Sanchez
  • Vernon & Raquel Nelson
  • Wells Family
  • Karli Allen, Owner of Lasheylady Studio
  • Paradise Realty