Testimonials of Healing

An on the job crush injury to my toe was made worse when a tourniquet was accidentally left on too long. By the time the mistake was corrected, my toe was almost completely black and dying. Everyone was worried that my toe wouldn't heal and that I would lose it.

The more treatments I had, the more optimistic I became, because my toe was actually looking better and better. It went from completely black and dead-looking, to red, then pink, and then back to having normal skin from top to bottom. My Doctor was really impressed at the healing that was going on due to the oxygen treatment, not to mention, I could start to feel my toe little by little even though I was told by my Doctor that I would not have feeling in my toe for at least 2 years! I started working out again.

I really trusted the crew at Hyperbaric Recovery, because they knew what they were talking about and they were very positive and encouraging. If people ask me if I would recommend Hyperbaric treatments, I would say, 'Oh Yeah!' They made me feel like a Rock star at Hyperbaric Recovery!


My name is Marcia. I'm in my mid 50's, a wife, mother, grandmother and veteran educator. I was very excited to have cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate my tired looking eyes and get rid of the wrinkles that defined my grandmotherly appearance. Basically, I wanted to look as young as I feel inside.

On June 6, 2007, surgery was performed on my brow and cheeks, and also included laser skin resurfacing. Recovery seemed normal the first week after surgery. Then my forehead and temples appeared bright red and were extremely sensitive to the touch. My surgeon ordered a lab analysis of a culture of the tissue on my forehead and the results were positive for a bacterial infection. Although the recovery was normal for the brow and cheek lift, my healing response to the skin resurfacing was greatly compromised.

My surgeon immediately prescribed an antibiotic for the infection. Because my recovery had come to a standstill, he also prescribed H.B.O.T. In fact, as I sat in his examining room, the doctor contacted Hyperbaric Recovery and made an appointment for me that very day, 12 days post-op, and two appointments for the following day. I felt alarmed at the immediacy of this action, thinking my situation was desperate, and frightened about the possibility of very serious complications.

My heart thumped and my head was bowed, hiding my fire-red, swollen face, as I walked into Hyperbaric Recovery. My fear immediately eased as I walked into the spa-like, state of the art clinic, which, in no way, resembled a medical facility. The staff was welcoming and warm, and demonstrated assurance and empathy toward me and my situation.

On that first visit, my face was bright red from the laser resurfacing, and my forehead and temples were a dark, angry red and extremely tender to the touch. Under my eyes, the dark red skin was scabbing, but oozing. After the next three visits, the pain in my forehead and temples lessened, the lesions under my eyes had healed, and flesh-tone marbling began on my cheeks, at my hairline, and around my eyelids, mouth and upper lip. My bright red face had begun to fade to a bright pink. By the seventh visit, flesh-tone marbling had spread over my face and was beginning to develop on my forehead. My forehead and temples showed no sign of infection and were only moderately sensitive to the touch.


My name is Maryann, I am a diabetic and got an infection in one of my toes. The Doctor said it would have to be removed, but by the time they go to it, the second toe got infected, and they both had to be removed due to poor circulation. The wound would not heal. I spent 8 months back and forth from the hospital and rehab. The wound continued to stay open, not healing, and the Doctor finally told me that all of the toes would have to come off, so that the whole top of my foot could be sewn up. I wasn't taking any chances this time, and I had heard about Hyperbarics from a friend, not to mention my own brother had done treatments and it helped to save his leg from amputation!

My treatments have been a God send! My wound has healed magnificently and prevented further amputation of my foot. I'm out of my wheelchair and walking and driving again without anyone's help! I can now do everything I used to do, even simple things like cleaning my apartment; things I couldn't do myself while wheelchair-bound. I'm very thankful for my Hyperbaric Treatments! The ones that run the Hyperbaric Center are kind, thoughtful, and know their business! I really recommend the Hyperbaric Treatments to anyone who could get their life back! (Just like I did!)


Following my Radiation for a Lumpectomy from Breast Cancer, I suffered a very heavy radiation burn with much swelling. My whole breast and 1/2 of my chest was very, very hot, dark red, burgundy and almost purple. I suffered a constant, unrelenting burning sensation, could not wear clothes and could not fall asleep due to pain. I also experienced extreme fatigue. I would start a project and would have to lie down.

The scar was raised and painful. It was forming an interior and exterior scar the size of a man's thumb. Most of the rest my chest was numb and void of sensitivity. Four weeks before starting HBOT, my symptoms worsened. Finally I started treatment at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery. I could feel things changing: Things were finally cooling down and the sensations of nerve endings joining together began. The purple, burgundy, and red turned to pink, then back to a normal flesh tone.

I started getting feeling back in a good way, and the constant burning was gone. The huge thick scar itself flattened out and became non-existent. Last week my Mammogram Radiology Tech asked me, "You did have surgery, right?!" Because she could NOT find the scar! She was amazed at my healing! I have my energy back and I am so thankful - it was worth it! The staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery on scale from 1-10 is a 10+++! They are caring, informative, and empathetic and really helped me through the process. I wouldn't go anywhere else for true medical grade Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


On February 14th at 2:00am, Tana experienced excessive swelling of her left foot. She proceeded to go into convulsions shortly after infusion of general antibiotic before finally being stabilized with appropriate antibiotics and testing.

It was soon established that she was suffering from an infection in her foot (Cellulitis DT tinea pedis) which had reached a severe stage. She had to begin a rigorous antibiotic program to reduce the swelling and clear out the infection, which in some cases can lead to amputation and even death.

The patient also insisted on getting a prescription for HBOT. Although her Doctor was skeptical, Tana immediately had Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery provide her with research and clinical studies that showed the improvement rate of patients with infection and swelling. Her Physician was convinced and Tana began treatments immediately.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was absolutely necessary for helping clear out infection rapidly and effectively. Swelling and edema were reduced by vasoconstriction, preventing the infection from becoming septic throughout the body. Before and after photos show the swelling and infection completely resolved.


I found out a few months ago I have chronic lyme disease along with a few of it's friends: Babesia and Bartonella. Most likely I got bit as a child and it has been quietly brewing for 20+ years... until a couple of years ago when it exploded through my body. Making it through the day became difficult, and even the easiest tasks seemed insurmountable. My body ached, creaked, and my head felt like mush. My hands and feet were constantly cold, purple and swollen.. and rashes broke out anytime/anywhere on my body. I felt like I was falling apart, and even though I am an RN myself - could not explain what was wrong with me. Thank goodness - with Janine's intuition and expertise- she encouraged me to get tested.

From the moment I met Janine, I knew that she was born to be a healer. She knew how I was feeling the moment I walked in the door, and knew the right thing to say to comfort me. When I came in for my first treatment and met the rest of the team- I knew I was going to be okay and well taken care of no matter who was in the driver's seat!

Making sure they had the right episode of "Friends" on for me was important to them! You'll never find that at the hospital!

My mother drove me everyday for 7 weeks to treatment, and my husband the last week of my 40 treatments. The Center treated my family like theirs, and were always open and willing to explain, reassure and answer any of my and my families questions.

My first treatment felt a little strange - but not uncomfortable at all... It's a weird light-headed floaty feeling. For the first few weeks after treatment, I would get home after and feel very tired. This was a good sign - my body was using that oxygen and fighting... and using all it's energy on killing the bacteria and removing the toxins as well as building a better vascular system in my body.

I quickly came to look forward to my treatment, to seeing my friends there, catching up on old tv show and movies, and having my little getaway from the stresses of the world in the Oxygen "Bungalow".

The Oxygen Effect: Most days I feel like the number of hours I feel "myself" are longer, and my mind is working better, and I'm happier and less emotional. I don't get out of breath like I did at first, and I'm able to do a little exercise. I'm getting good rest at night and actually look forward to getting up in the morning to start my day! That is HUGE!

At about treatment 30, I feel like my body woke up. Before, my body felt like an old abandoned house: all dusty, creaky, dark, damp and cold. Now I feel like someone moved in, turned on the heat, cleaned it up, uncovered the furniture and painted it with warm colors. That's the best way to describe it. I thought for a few days that I had a temperature because I just felt "warm" inside. I realized I hadn't felt what it felt like for my immune system and body to be working- I am feeling what "normal" feels like.

Thank you soo much for bringing me back to life! I continue down my road to recovery with friends by my side, oxygen flowing through my body, and a big warm heart full of love!


Gayle L. RN

Muscle spasms reduced, more physical flexibility. Doubling of energy - I had 4 to 5 hrs of energy when I started HBOT and now I can do 7 to 8 hrs with the same energy level I had for only 4 to 5 hrs.

The Hyperbaric center was a pleasure to deal with. I looked forward to my treatments. They were very professional, yet very approachable and friendly.


Hello, my name is Kenna, I suffer from Lyme disease symptoms and I am from Texas. I traveled out to Northern California specifically to get Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy from Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin because they are the best facility.

When I came to the facility, I was in so much pain. My face and arms were bright red and stinging from a terrible rash. My eyes were blurry, I was always dizzy and extremely weak and my kidneys were in constant pain. It’s was becoming impossible to live my life and I couldn’t imagine trying to go on without some sort of change, but very few things were working and I was running out of hope. Fortunately, I had heard of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and knew of someone who was treated at a facility in California that was about two hours from my previous home where I used to live. When I made a few calls to past patients asking if the center was worth it, I got a resounding yes and was told I had to make my way to Marin, no doubt about it.

The staff at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin completely blew me away from day one. They treated me with so much respect and they really listened to everything I was saying. I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me get my life back.

The hyperbaric chamber was so comfortable and roomy. At first I was anxious about starting and going into the chamber and not knowing how I would feel. But the staff explained everything to me in a way that I could understand and that really calmed me down. Besides that, the oxygen always made me feel so much better while I was in the chamber that I couldn’t wait to get into treatment each day.

I started to notice that my face started to clear up and my energy levels were improving. As time went on and I completed more and more sessions, the Herx detox reactions would show up like clockwork as my body was finally getting rid of the lyme parasite. The treatment itself always made these reactions easier to handle, though and over time they became less intense.

I started feeling more and more normal, and I couldn’t believe it. I started getting a full night’s rest and my pain level went down from an 8 out of 10 at treatment one to a 1 out of ten by the 40th session! My fatigue level, my depression level and mental clarity all improved in the same way.

I was a completely different person on the last day of my treatment. I looked better and felt so much better that I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it weren’t for finding out about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. And the staff here at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery is so great in working with Lyme patients and how the healing process works. It’s not like any medical care I’ve ever gotten before, and I doubt you’ll find another facility as capable, as knowledgeable or as compassionate. They truly are the best and I won’t stop recommending this facility to others that were suffering, no matter what their distance, situation or obstacle. My life was changed and everyone deserves that same opportunity.


To my wonderful HBOT family, I perceive all of you as angels. When I met you, I was going through one of the most challenging and fearful times of my life and you were a life-line.

I suddenly lost my hearing, literally in one second, and quickly tumbled into despair and disability from there: severe hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears, vertigo, loss of balance, nausea, decreased mental function, and pressure on the total left side of my head that felt like concrete. I was unable to work, or be in noisy places or with groups of people due to the inability to filter sound. It was painful and disorienting to even go grocery shopping, and I was exhausted to my core.

Post HBOT, the tinnitus went from 9/10 to 3/10, the pressure reduced from the whole left side of my head to an ear-plug size, the vertigo/nausea/imbalance greatly improved and I felt like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, “and I finally got a brain!” I am very grateful to have the level of functioning that I have compared to a year ago. I have tried other treatments after seeing you—HBOT is the only treatment where I showed improvement of my symptoms. I wish I had known about you as soon as I was diagnosed. I let all other doctors know this fact as well.

Love, Bonney, RN

In 2005, near the end of the school year, I ruptured my Achilles tendon. After a successful surgery, the cast was removed and all that remained was a small pressure ulcer. What followed was three years of infections at the wound site; three surgeries to clean up the wound site, and a fourth surgery to try to close the wound. When the wound was unveiled after the last surgery it looked so bad my wife wept and had to be comforted.

A nurse representing the worker’s compensation insurance company was present and immediately authorized hyperbaric chamber treatments. Within two weeks of starting the treatments, the technicians at the wound care clinic noticed a significant improvement in the condition of the wound. They stated that they had never seen a wound change so quickly and were delighted. The end result of the sessions in the chamber can be seen in the photos below. I am still healing, but the wound is closed and I can swim and bathe normally once again.

Those are the basic facts, but they don’t describe the healing experience. The technicians are as professional and pleasant as can be. You are put at ease by their competence and kindness. During my sessions I caught up on the movies I had missed and looked forward to each peaceful treatment. I can’t recommend Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin enough.

-Robert L.-

My name is Brandon, and I play hockey with my friends for the North American Roller Championships with Leigh Verbero. I was skating through the offensive zone and was cutting back towards the crease (net) when a friend of mine collided with me. The top of my friend’s helmet hit me in the cage of my helmet and knocked me unconscious.

When I woke up, I was on my back, and had no idea how long I had been out, though I was told I was unconscious for about 20 seconds. I do not remember much after that, but I was told that I got unchanged very slowly in the locker room. I went out to dinner afterwards with friends, but was told that I was very antisocial and staring into space a lot.

Although I rested a lot when I got home, I had dizziness, a headache and an earache as well. I made it to Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery the next day and got started with treatments right away. Within just a few days I noticed my symptoms start to disappear slowly. I felt much better and was able to return to playing in no time.


I write this testimonial on behalf of my family and my beloved 82 year old father, Enio Monsanto. I would like to bring to your attention the extraordinary medical treatment and results my father received at Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, a hyperbaric oxygen therapy - HBOT - treatment clinic located in Larkspur, Calif.

About two years ago my dad began to experience diminished mental acuity. He began losing focus, the ability to engage or sustain conversation and he could not control his swallowing mechanism, which resulted in serious bouts of choking on his food and even his own saliva. To compensate, we purchased a food processor to chop his meals into a consistency he could tolerate. This strategy worked only partially, as he still often choked.

To compound things, in early 2011, doctors at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa, Calif. diagnosed that a squamos cell skin cancer was growing on dad’s left shin area about six inches above his ankle. The cancer had the appearance of an open blister about 1/4 inch in diameter. We were informed that the cancer was not life threatening, but it would continue to grow in size and possibly fester into a stinking, necrotic open wound. We were told this cancer could not be operated on and could only be treated with Radiation.

My family agreed to the radiation treatment, but only after we returned from an already planned ten day vacation. During our vacation, the cancer tripled in size into a festering, stinking, necrotic open wound. Thankfully, the radiation treatment killed the cancer lesion, but ....it left a nasty burn wound on my dad’s leg that did not respond to conventional wound treatment and it also quickly began to grow in size to approx. 2" by 2.5". This time around, the Kaiser doctors informed us the only way to treat this burn wound was by a skin graft, which only had a 50% chance of success.

Kaiser doctors offered no other treatment or remedy...

Not wanting my dad to suffer with skin graft wounds, I researched and found that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy-HBOT, successfully treated radiation wounds as well as a broad range of other serious medical conditions. After locating Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin, their highly experienced staff produced substantial testimonial and pre & post photographic documentation of the curative effects of HBOT. They assured my family that HBOT would indeed heal my father's radiation wound. Because Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin has such a remarkable track record of success, Kaiser Permanente agreed to co-pay this treatment.

HBOT sessions began in January, 2012 and ended in June. It is now August and my father’s leg is completely healed from the damaging effects of radiation therapy. In addition, his mental acuity has improved by 50%, as though a fog has been lifted and he is now more lucid than he has been in two years. The icing on this cake is that my father can once again chew and swallow his food without choking and we haven't used the food processor in over four weeks.

If I hadn't seen the effects of HBOT for myself, I would have remained a healthy skeptic and I am now a staunch advocate of this procedure. Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery of Marin has volumes of baseline data and testimonials that prove the irrefutable, long lasting efficacy of HBOT treatment on the devastating effects of dementia, brain trauma, vascular deficiency, neurologic disorders, enhancing the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), increasing Stem Cell Growth and how it increases the growth of unique cells that form reparative tissue (fibroblastic proliferation)

As we enter the 21st century, I feel the public deserves to know about the powerful recuperative effects of this remarkable modality that encourages the human body to repair itself. It is one that offers a ray of hope and healing, where once there was despair. I sincerely urge your progressive news channel to explore this profound technology and reveal its ability to restore dignity and improved quality of life.

-Sergio Monsanto-

Kurtis suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) on March 6, 2009.

He was 22 at the time, attending college in Lake Tahoe, where he also worked at a hotel. He is an avid snowboarder and plays both the saxophone and drums in a band. Kurtis was well on his way to an accounting degree.

Mary, Kurtis’ mother, is a single parent working hard to pay for Kurtis’ rehab. Kurtis’ older brother, Kyle, died ten years ago at the age of 16. He was killed by a drunk driver while walking down the street. He didn’t get the second chance Kurtis has.

Kurtis’ TBI is multiple. While horsing around with a friend he fell, hit his head, was deprived of oxygen and two days later his brain swelled. Kurtis faces a lengthy recovery, but his young brain is resilient!

When Kurtis started HBOT, he wasn’t very alert to his surroundings, he was fixated completely on his right side, and he had trouble sleeping, moving his limbs and responding to requests. After a round of HBOT, Kurtis can focus on people in any direction; he sleeps better, and responds to requests using simple sign language. HBOT has caused Kurtis’ physicians and family to see unexpected change—but he needs more treatment to provide his brain with healing oxygen. Let’s help him keep that new smile on his face!


"My fourteen year old daughter was sick for six years before being diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was so happy to discover Hyperbaric Medicine for her because she had become allergic to so many of the antibiotics.

The results she got from Hyperbaric were so much better then any antibiotic she ever took. Her bacterial die-offs were so much more intense then when she was on her antibiotics, so I knew the oxygen was having a great effect.

Within my daughters six weeks of treatment she grew two inches taller and all of her puberty that was much delayed finally kicked in. The dark circles under her eyes started to disappear and her overall attitude about her illness became better. She was able to read books at a faster rate and retain what she had read for a change. Her constant headaches and stomachaches started to disappear. Her energy levels improved and for the first time in years there were times I would forget she was even sick.

Anyone with chronic health problems knows how important good bedside manner is, as well as someone who can answer your questions with honestly and care. Hyperbaric Recovery and Rejuvenation Center (now known as Advanced Hyperbaric Recovery) has it all.

As a mother who has worried about her daughter for years Hyperbaric was the first thing to come along and really make a big change in our lives. Thank you so much.

Kate- Mother of Julia

Two years ago I would have never imagined that I could feel this much better. I especially never thought it would be this easy feeling so much better. Thanks to Janine and everyone else at Hyperbaric Recovery & Rejuvenation Center it was possible. When my mom finally told me about the Hyperbaric I was excited but also nervous. I hoped it would work. I hoped I would get along with everyone. And I hoped I was the person I used to be. I was getting better but it felt like I was getting worse. One day I refused to get out of the car. Saying it wasn't working and I was wasting my time. Janine came out and helped me. She told me her personal story. She could relate and knew how I felt. A couple minutes later I was in the chamber. After just that one treatment I felt better again. I have continued to get better and my symptoms are so much less noticeable. And I have become so much more like all the other teens. I have energy and health. I could never have asked for a better healing experience or better staff. Thank you guys!!"


Jemma just turned 5 during the sixth and final week of her first set of Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions. At her birthday party she stood up with a magician we hired and helped him with his tricks, laughing at his jokes and answering his questions with one-word answers. This was a miracle for my husband and I and those who have watched Jemma struggle with every milestone! Jemma was born a seemingly healthy baby but from 3 months old we realized that she had numerous developmental issues that ultimately resulted in huge delays in first crawling, then walking and more recently speech and the ability to connect with her peers and do the same things they do like drawing and coloring in.

Prior to these first dives Jemma had a very limited vocabulary and could only speak in 2-3 word sentences that only we could really understand. She was also not at ease with strangers. Arriving at this point had been the culmination of several years of applying every therapy and treatment we could find at great expense. Throughout all of these years Jemma has proven to be an amazingly stoic little girl despite all the difficulties and unpleasantness she has had to endure. Once she practiced continually for almost 6 months to learn to jump like her friends. She just never gives up! Now she wanted to talk so badly we had to try everything and so we had high hopes for the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment.

After just 5 sessions we noticed changes. She seemed braver, more confident and words started to come through. We had tears in our eyes and we held our breath praying it would hold. Finally she could tell us her thoughts and tell us what to do! Along with this came a surprising emotional maturity. She became a typical 5 year old in behavior and mannerisms. She knew what she wanted, bargaining with us when she sensed she could. We were shocked and even had to reach for some parenting books. Our child has come alive before our eyes, the staff at the Hyperbaric office and the teachers at her school. Pure joy! Another change we saw was the strabismus in her left eye was improving, this was great as we had thought she might have to have surgery to correct this. Unbelievable healing.

-Jemma’s Mother, Linda

Before I had hyperbaric treatments I had chronic pain. After 30 treatments I had much more energy - didn't have to nap anymore and felt wonderful. My pain level was much lower and my over all sense of well being and health was very much improved. I highly recommend hyperbaric treatments for people with chronic fatigue or chronic pain. It helped me a lot and I really believe in its ability to heal.


I cannot tell you the miracle I felt ---- after being in the hyperbaric chamber for the past 40 days ----- I knew God put me not only in the chamber----but in your hands for me to heal. After being in the chamber for one week I noticed a steady gain of energy that filled me with hope. As my body started to clear of toxins my coloring improved and my gums grew back so I did not have to go do the gum grafting that was scheduled to happen. A miracle indeed. Thank you! Thank you!

I must complement you and your entire staff for not only your medical expertise, but the love and caring you so beautifully provided. The Hyperbaric center is truly a gift from God and I know all who come for healing will be truly blessed. Thank you for being there when nothing else worked.


HBOT Therapy has been an incredible boon for me in terms of major improvement in my Quality of Life. My mental clarity has improved very significantly. I'm very impressed with the results of my HBOT treatments. The staff is, to a person, very impressive, both in terms of their extremely high level of professionalism, and their consistently warm-hearted, healing approach.

I enthusiastically recommend HBOT treatment to patients with Lyme or a whole host of other conditions for which, while not necessarily approved for medicare or insurance coverage, have nevertheless proven extremely beneficial to many, many people. I feel very fortunate indeed, to have come in contact with such a significant healing resource to the people of the Greater Bay Area.


In early 2006 I developed a movement disorder that my neurologist said had "the flavor of parkinsonism". I set out on a treatment course that avoided symptom masking medications with side effects and embraced alternative therapies. Under the guidance of my physician, I began a series of forty ninety minute sessions in state-of-the-art medical oxygen chambers. After getting over mild claustrophobia and learning how to adjust my ears to the changing pressure I settled down and thoroughly enjoyed every session. I settled into a quiet and rich meditation or contemplation without distraction for all forty sessions.

I believe HBOT contributed to the following improvements that I have experienced since April: more life energy, crisper and more confident driving, swimming coordination improved, walk improved, small motor movements improved, elimination of night time muscle cramping, disappearance of a variety of skin problems, and a sharpening of my mind and improved memory. I have also eliminated the use of dopamine agonists drugs. Although I still am challenged by symptoms, I believe Oxygen Therapy is a useful and perhaps powerful tool in their management.


Great news! I went to the dentist today, a tooth with a bad infection at the tip of the root which I've been dealing with for year, has healed completely and the missing bone regrown.

Thank you for a very healing experience. Your caring, cheery presences are an important part of the healing I think. Thank you all.